A Day Ahead

Firstly can we just address the fact that this is crazy:


All week I’ve felt like I’m one day ahead. Maybe it’s because I called my mom on Monday (who has the whole week off), and right before we hung up she said, “Well, at least tomorrow’s Friday.” I thought to myself for a short millisecond that, “Oh my gosh. Is it Friday already?”

Hello? Friday?

But alas, it was only Monday when we spoke. Last night I was sure today would be Thursday. I don’t know why I’m rushing through the week. I was in the elevator with a man once and I asked him how he was (because it’s always awkward standing in silence forever), he said he was fine and asked me the same. I replied, “I wish it were Thursday.” To which he promptly said, “Ah yes, we’re wishing our lives away, aren’t we?”

I thought to myself, “I really only wish away the work days, but I wish weekends never went away.”

Weekends, FTW!

Remember when you were a kid and you went to bed at night thinking, “That was the best day ever!” There was no way life could get better, right? Why isn’t life like that now? Why do we spend so much time worrying about money, having nice things, being better than other people, etc.?

Maybe this is all part of my mini-existential crisis, but I wish we spent more time enjoying life and less time in an office in meetings.

Maybe I just need a nap. I’ve cut down on running this week because I’ve felt exhausted for some reason. Perhaps I need to go anyway to work out all my thoughts.

Happy Wednesday! One day closer to the weekend!


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