Recipes to Make Today

I’ve tried so many new things this weekend. Thanks, Pinterest and Vegetarian magazine.

Firstly, Sean and I made a delicious batch of banana nut muffins. I love banana nut anything fresh out of the oven and slathered in melty butter. They were so good, I probably ate 4!

The easy-squeezy recipe here.

The next recipe we tried was emailed to me by Vegetarian Magazine, of which I am a subscriber. They sent me something for One-Pot Pasta Primavera. With yummy summer tomatoes, yellow squash, garlic, lemon, and more. I was dead-set on trying this over the weekend.

Even Sean managed to like it for a little while. I’m sure the Parmesan cheese helped.

The one-dish recipe here.

Today Sean and I are planning to make the trek to the pool, because, why not? I found this excellent chocolate fruit dip recipe online, and it’s not too bad for you. With all simple ingredients, why not spruce up your yogurt and add some protein to your fruit?

I made the chocolate recipe, but I’m sure the cinnamon is delicious, too!

This delicious recipe here.

And tonight, I’m going to make some 4th of July cupcakes for work based off these.


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