I Work Out

Last week, I was really lazy with working out. I’d get up in the mornings and say, “I just don’t feel like running today.” Then on my drive to work I’d see people out running and think, “Ermahgerd, I want to run today!” Typical Carolyn.

This weekend, I started my marathon training plan, clocking a good 6+ miles. And it felt so good when I just did it. Sometimes, the hardest step is the first one out the door. It is for me anyway.

It doesn’t help that I’ve had some pretty bruised up legs from soccer. I feel like I probably did some bad news to my knee cap last Tuesday at soccer, because I still can’t kneel on it without pain. But when I run, it doesn’t hurt. So I feel like I have no excuse.

I’ve read from a lot of places (marathon training plans, other bloggers and marathon runners) that cross-training is crucial to marathon training. If all you do is run, run, run, you’re not building those muscles that aren’t as utilized during running. “So, what? If they aren’t used for running, why do I need to build them?”

Well, let me tell you. Cross training helps you rest your running muscles while building the non-running muscles. This means your body is stronger overall (biggest benefit!), but also that you’re less likely to injure yourself in the training process. You’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness and helps you prevent running boredom (mix it up a little!).

When I was training for my triathlons, I let my weight lifting fall to the wayside. It was unmanageable for me to try to train in swimming, biking, and running, while lifting weights. I was getting a pretty good workout anyway among the three.

Now that I’m just training for a running event, I can tell that I need to do more than just run.

I’ve done a little research online and found a few weight lifting plans that I’m going to try out to be my “cross training.”

I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, Happy Monday!


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