The Baby Cats

My cats are a handful and a half. We picked the weirdest, most medical problem prone, loudest, crankiest, eat everything in sightiest cats of all.

And I like them.

But we’re headed to the vet again today. And this time it’s not for Mitten Head. (gasp!)

In fact, we’re going to the vet for Baby Pudge.

He’s been waking around the house yowling. He’s not a vocal cat, not like Tesla the singer. So it’s weird for Pudge to be so loud.

He’s also been trying to use the litter box about three times every half hour with no luck. Looks like we have another UTI-prone cat in our midst.

“Who is the other UTI-prone cat?” asks Mitten Head.

The one day that Sean absolutely cannot miss work is the day Pudge gets unwell. So we’re off to Pudge’s first vet visit. I hope he does well.


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