Listful Thinking

1. I’ve been on a total Pinterest kick recently. I mean, I’ve got my whole million-dollar wardrobe planned as well as my future couple hundred thousand dollar house (don’t tell Sean). It’s ridiculous how much I like that website. Which got me thinking about how it’s essentially a website based around consumerism. I mean, we’re using it to pin things we want to boards we’ll never have. I read a great article about how one women had to quit Pinterest when she was planning her wedding because she was getting ridiculously unhappy that it wasn’t turning out like all the picture-perfect weddings on the pin-board site. Crazy, right? I will admit the recipes are fun, though.

2. This week has just flown by for me. I don’t know what exactly has made it so go by so quickly, maybe it was my attempt to stay positive the whole time and just be grateful I have a job. Or maybe it’s the endless list that continues to grow regardless of how hard I work. You know? Maybe it’s the millions of meetings I had to be in this week.

3. I want to do SO MUCH this weekend, but I know the more I do, the faster it’ll go by! No! Some of my weekend to-dos include kayaking, getting in my long run, soccer, going to a class at the YMCA, maybe some swimming, maybe more!

What are your fun weekend plans?


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