Thoughtful Words


I’ve had a lot of people comment on my attempt at daily affirmations at the end of my weekday posts. I’m glad to know you readers out there like them! I usually post them as a reminder for myself to stay positive throughout the day and think about my attitude.

Too often I get lost in my own little world of selfishness and negative thoughts. I’ve found that starting my day by encouraging myself and others to make the world a better places puts me in the right frame of mind to go in to work, or soccer, or meetings, or even into my relationships.

Sometimes life is hard but the good times wouldn’t feel so sweet unless we had the struggles to compare them to.

See the beauty in things today. Notice the little things–they way the birds hang on the wind or how the sunlight fits through the trees. We often pass these things by in our rush to get places or get work done. Stop to be inspired by your surroundings.

Yesterday at work, our new graphic designed commented how high the clouds sat outside our windows. We have a whole wall of windows in our office, and I realized I often don’t take the time to feel inspired by what’s around me. There was pristine blur sky with big chunky clouds, crisp and white just hanging underneath. It seemed like they were held up by the mountains beneath them, pushing them higher.

How could I not feel uplifted watching the mountains push the clouds to the sky?

So take the time to notice today. Take the time to soak it all in. Let it permeate your soul until you feel the weight of just how awe-inspiring the world is.

And then just exist in it.

Happy Wednesday!



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