Is It Naptime?

I’m sure you guys have probably caught on to my nap addiction by now. It’s one reason I love the weekends so dearly. We were talking about our weekends at work during lunch in the break room. I was telling people how I took a nap after my 3 soccer games and then again after my 10 mile run. Alex, one of our graphic designers, said that she just couldn’t take naps, that it takes her a long time to work up to a nap. She has to read for an hour or something to relax.

I feel bad for these kinds of people who don’t know the glory of falling asleep in the middle of the day. I told my coworkers that I could probably lie down on the floor at any location with a blanket and pillow and fall asleep. I don’t always fall asleep right away, but it’s not hard to get there once you’re warm and comfy. And, heck, let’s face it. I’m always sleepy.

I’m dwelling on naps today because I wish I were able to stay home and take one today.

Oh well, time to put on my happy face and pretend to be ENERGIZED and not tired! Sometimes ya gotta fake it till ya make it, right?!


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