Olympic Weekend

I hope your weekend was totally wicked. I feel like the Olympics means it’s totally ok to spend a hot weekend inside watching other athletes work their butts off.

Lazy weekend

We watched the opening ceremonies Friday night and weren’t that impressed. Oh well, the Parade of Nations was really the part I wanted to see, and the outfits and (probably drunk) athletes didn’t disappoint. Did you see the guy in a pink wig? All the people with video cameras and mobile phones taking pictures and video? It’s like they’re all college kids at the biggest event of their lives. What’s that? The majority of them are college age or younger? No pressure, kids!

Thumbs Up!

Saturday morning I had a soccer game in which I scored two goals: one a fumbling, barely-miss right in front of the goal, and the other an Olympic-worthy shot from across the field. I felt like a superhero soccer player after that. Even the other team was impressed.

After a shower and a nap (am I an easy read?), we headed out to the grocery store followed by watching more Olympics!

Sunday I had to force myself out of bed for my 8 mile run. My whole mind and body seemed to be working against me yesterday morning, and it felt like the hardest 8 miles of my life. Toward the end Sean asked me how I was feeling and all I could say was, “Mad!” He asked why, and I said, “I don’t know. I just feel mad. I hate running right now!” We stopped exactly at 8 miles even though we had more trail to go. I just wanted that to be over.

Grump face

After a big breakfast and another little nap, we spent most of the day watching the Olympics–cycling, volleyball, swimming, etc. I made cookies and gorged myself while the world’s fittest athletes performed at their best. Oh well, sometimes you need a splurge day!

Oh, I made a great and super-easy recipe for dinner yesterday! I’ll share it with you guys tomorrow! Until then, have a great Monday!

Step outside your comfort zone today. Move yourself beyond what you feel is safe and test the waters in something new!

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