Career Path?

As much as I don’t like major change, sometimes my life beings to feel stagnant without it. This can be a good thing, I suppose, but sometimes I wonder if it’s going to lead me down a path of serial job-hopping or money wasting or anything else. I mean, since I’ve been in Atlanta (almost 2 years), I’ve had 3 jobs. THREE! Most people would be happy to have had one.

The first one wasn’t a fit for my career goals, and the second one was a pretty toxic environment. However, I learned a lot at both jobs in the short time I was at each.

Is this normal for this time in life? Or will it be a habit for me? I like my current job, and I’m not saying I want to leave it. But one of my coworkers and I went out to lunch the other day (he sort of made me after I left in a tizzy one afternoon). He asked me what exactly I wanted to move up to. What were my career goals?

The truth is that I didn’t plan for my career to end up where it is now, and so I have not set career goals. I don’t know where I want to go or if I even want to stay in this industry. I don’t know what I want for myself.

I have a feeling it’s partially due to my age, inexperience, etc. But should I know what I want to do with my whole life already? I’m only 24! Or am I using my young age as an excuse to ignore the future?

And for all you searching for some motivation today:

One thought on “Career Path?

  1. Carolyn! hang in there! this is something i have plenty of experience with – that loss of direction in career. it’s the reason why i left off college for such a long time, then went back to it a few years ago at MC. personally, i think it is the age level. when i was your age, i was job-hopping all over the place. mostly restaurant jobs, but a few other things thrown in like retail and construction (sort of). it took a while for me to figure it out. i realized that a lot of my taking restaurant work was so i could have my days free to volunteer at a local museum teaching 4th and 7th graders about Florida’s human and natural history and environment. somebody asked me if i had tried substitute teaching, and it occurred to me i could get paid for doing what i was enjoying doing – working with kids. teaching. i’m good at retaining large amounts of information, and relating it in a way that others can understand and be interested in. i had theatre experience, and was good with public speaking. it fit. after doing that a couple of years, i decided to finish off my degree and go for full teaching. once i had a definite direction, i had no problems getting through the classes and schoolwork. in fact, i found i enjoyed it immensely, even though i hated doing the work in high school. all this is to say you have to find that one thing that you keep finding a way to do despite everything else. focus on that, and find a way to make money with it. it can take time. it took me about 12 years after high school, but i had some health issues and some severe lack of motivation to get over. and some growing up to do. hang in there, don’t give up. you aren’t alone, lots of people go through this, getting stuck in life’s “doldrums”. and don’t worry about your whole life right now. a few years into the future are enough to think about. you don’t have to have firm, set plans. things change, and often too quickly to notice or realize until after. but being able to think, “in 5 years, i would like to be (location) doing (activity/work)” is worth having in mind. nothing necessarily in detail, that far out, but a big picture can really help you refine things and help with the direction.

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