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There’s no better way to start your Monday than with a Disney sing-along. I’m sure Sean disagrees, but I can’t wait to listen to this/sing along while running:

Disney Running Playlist

In other news, I spent another weekend baking sweets and then eating them. I have a serious problem. I made chocolate chip cookies on Saturday and made Sean hide them from me so I’d stop eating so many. They are somewhere in the kitchen I can’t reach.

Working off those cookies
Working off those cookies

My soccer team won the rec league championship. It was serious business. We played two games in a row. The first game, the girls were so mean. I’ve never played a more malicious and just plain nasty team. One girl kept telling me I was too slow to catch her. She fell down once and turned around to me and asked in an evil Disney villian voice, “Didja like that, bitch?” At one point she slammed into the back of me as hard as she could when the ball wasn’t even near me. It was jarring to have someone be that full of hate toward someone they don’t even know. The sad part, her vicious words and violent acts stayed with me all weekend. I just can’t stop thinking about her and how she made me feel.

That being said, ladies, even when we’re pitted against each other, there’s no need to throw the low blows. In fact, after we beat Ms. CrankyPants’s team, we went on to play another team whose female players were wonderfully nice and fair. Those girls and I chatted like we were friends when the guys had possession. It was a mutual understanding we’d speak to each other as if it were any other non-competitive situation.

Be nice to your fellow ladies! Women should be friends and support each other, not bring each other down!

Voltaire Quote

Also, make this churro recipe ASAP!

Happy Monday! Be grateful for the opportunity to start this week with a positive attitude! You’re awesome!


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