All Cracked Up

Have you all heard about this new study claiming eating the whole egg (the yolk!) is as bad for your arteries as smoking?

Eggs as bad as smoking?

Should I stop eating eggs?

I saw this headline and immediately freaked out a little. As a vegetarian, I use (certified humane) eggs as a regular source of protein. Published August 14 in Atherosclerosis, the study “found a relationship between egg yolk consumption and the development of atherosclerosis, a condition that contributes to heart attack and stroke risk in which plaque accumulates along the walls of the arteries.” (source)

Are eggs really bad for you?


However, as I was reading a little more into it, I found that it’s not the actual egg that causes your arteries to become clogged, but an overall diet high in fat which is linked to high egg consumption.

Why don’t you go ahead and freak me out, headlines?!

In fact, in another article, a different doctor said we shouldn’t take the research too seriously because,

“This is very poor quality research that should not influence patient’s dietary choices,” said Dr. Steven Nissen, who chairs the department of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, in an email. “It is extremely important to understand the differences between ‘association’ and ‘causation’.” (source)

I’m going to go ahead and eat my eggs–whole.

In other news, Happy Friday! We made it to another weekend! Choose happiness today. Your attitude is a choice. Look at every situation from the positive perspective, and it’ll all seem alright. Plus it’s the weekend, so that should brighten up your day!

Choose happy!

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