Re-Thinking Thankfulness and the Pinterest Trap


I think I’ve talked a little bit about this before, but I’ve recently found myself in what I like to call the “Pinterest Trap.”

Pinterest is a great place for craft, recipe, and decorating ideas. It’s perfect for inspiration when you want an outfit idea or you want to spruce up a room in your house.

Always on Pinterest

But there comes a point when Pinterest turns on you and makes you envious and greedy. I spent a lot of the weekend on Pinterest. Running 14 miles on Saturday paired with the gloomy weather, meant a lot of time watching movies and browsing the internet—hence, a lot of time on Pinterest.

As the weekend progressed, I found myself getting more and more discontent with what I have—wanting more. I need a house. I need new furniture. I need new clothes. I need this. I need that.

Pin all the things!

I even went as far as going out and buying a bunch of stuff I didn’t need with money I didn’t have just so I could feel like I was cool or stylish or in the know or whatever it was I felt like I needed to be.

Meanwhile, I was being outright rude to Sean. I was mad at him for not getting me the things I thought would make me happier. He was clueless as to why I was so upset because it doesn’t make sense to him.

I was all up in my grumpy mood when one of my favorite bloggers, Peanut Butter Runner, a true yogi, posted about Santosha, or contentment:

“The point being that we’re always waiting for something bigger, better, happier, prettier, more, more, more; when really we need to focus on the moment that we’re in and find contentment and happiness in it.”


This really struck me, as I was right in the thick of greed and lust and gluttony. I needed to find happiness in the things I have like a great apartment, adorable pets, a stable job, a wonderful partner who supports me with every fiber of his being, and a family who backs me up no matter what.

So, today, this lovely new beginning of a Tuesday, I wanted to encourage you, but also encourage myself.

Be positive

Focus on being content today. Focus on what you have, not what you think you’re lacking. Focus on how thankful you are for the people in your life and what they contribute to your now and your future. Focus on how your past has gotten you to this moment, led you to this point in your life, and taught you what you know. Focus on the future and what potential it holds for your success, your love, your life, your relationships, your everything.

Be content in this moment. Stop throughout the day to be consciously aware of your contentedness.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” -Thornton Wilder


One thought on “Re-Thinking Thankfulness and the Pinterest Trap

  1. i have had several friends tell me that my santosha post hit at just the right time. it’s so easy to get caught up in everything that is wrong and all that we don’t have but when you take a step back, it’s amazing to realize how good our lives really are. i admit that it is difficult to maintain that perspective all the time but it is nice to be reminded of from time to time.

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