My Weekend List


1. I’m super excited about trying a new restaurant this weekend. Sean and I are planning on going to a new-to-us place in Marietta called, Chicken and the Egg. The website describes it as “Modern Farmstead Fare.” Sean is being all romantic-y saying he wants to take me out, but we’re both excited about trying new places like this. And it’s about time; we’ve lived here for over 2 years, sheesh.

2. I get a break week of running according to my marathon training plan! This week is only 10 miles. When I’m running 14, I’d give anything in my body to be able to stop at 10. And this week I get to!

3. We’re finishing LORT this weekend. We’ve slowly been making our way through the extended edition that Sean got for Christmas (yes, we’re just now making it through). We’ve been watching each movie—parts 1 and 2 over consecutive weekends. I’ve said it a thousand times, but I don’t mind repeating it. Samwise Gamgee is the best flippin’ friend a hobbit could have. And Frodo’s a jerk-wad. There, I said it.

4. Sean’s getting a massage on Sunday. I bought him a gift card for his birthday, and actually had to call and schedule the appointment myself since he wouldn’t do it. And I’ll admit I’m pretty flipping jealous about it.

5. I ordered Stephen King’s memoir, On Writing. I’ve read so many good things about it recently. I can’t wait to read it. It’ll be better than the last book I ordered, The Raw Food Detox Diet. Unlike On Writing, I didn’t research that one beforehand. It’s essentially a starvation diet. It’s fine for people whose only form of exercise is stretching or super-easy yoga. If I ate that way (all juicing and fruits until dinner), I’d probably break a bone while running or die on the trail. No thanks. I prefer my ice cream.

6. I’ve kept a really reasonable exercise schedule this week, and I’m pretty proud of myself for it. I rested on Monday, did an interval and Turbo Kick on Tuesday, boxing on Wednesday, running on Thursday (until I got too hungry and we had to turn back), and then yoga on Friday (10 miles on Saturday, of course). I’ve also been eating a little healthier and cutting back on my portions of sweets. I’m trying to be aware of when I’m full and not eat past that unless I know that I’m going to need food in me for exercise, but won’t be able to eat afterward. I’m still trying not to overdo it anymore.

7. I’ve made a decision about graduate school, but I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Your comments, feedback, and general love from across the webz really does make a difference.


2 thoughts on “My Weekend List

  1. I did a detox diet like that for two days and then I thought I was going to die!! I had the same problem… I think it’s mostly for people who eat crap all the time, have a bunch of weight to lose and do no exercise…. Not for above-average healthy people…

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