Quick, Easy, No Equipment Interval


Sometimes I don’t want the hassle of having to lug out all my stuff to get my workout on. Ya know? This interval works whether you’re using a treadmill or running outside on your own. You just need to know about what a half a mile time or distance is for you.

Found this baby on Pinterest and have done it three times so far. It’s quick, it’s easy, and I feel like I’ve gotten a real workout when I do it. Plus I’m always uber-sweaty by the time it’s over.

  • Run .5 miles (I usually start out at my regular pace and then pick it up hardcore for the last .25)
  • 10 push ups (vary this by trying tricep pushups, wide-armed push-ups, try a few on your toes and your knees)
  • 20 squats (you can mix this one up by making it lunges, jump squats, one-legged squats, or even throw in my favorite–the Bosu)
  • 30 crunches (this is an obvious one, try a 30-second plank, add hip-dips into your plank, try 30 mountain climbers or Spidermans)

Repeat 6 times. I like to run this on the treadmill and time each round. I think my best round was just under 6 minutes. Can you beat me?


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