We’re Back


I’m going to go ahead and say today’s already been hard for me. Sean and I had grand plans of getting up early to run before work, but somewhere between getting in bed and the alarm, I changed the wake-up time from 5am to 5:30. Oh well. The first day back to work after a long weekend or a vacation is always hard. Sean and I both drudged around the house this morning lamenting the ed of our mini-vacation.

I hate it when long weekends fly by like this one did, but that’s what happens when you spend a long time in the car and the rest of the time trying to live it up with family.

Friday night we arrived at Sean’s parents’ house pretty late. We chatted for a bit and then I headed to bed. We woke up early on Saturday and headed to DollyWood with my mom and our friends Deb and Lee. The weather was nice the whole time, and the crowds were slim so we didn’t spend much time waiting in line for some of the more thrilling rides!

From there we headed to my mom’s for dinner, but ended up eating too many snacks to be hungry. We headed back to Sean’s parents’ to hang out and talk. Sean’s dad chopped his thumb off with a table saw this past week, so he was pretty much out of commission. We caught the end of some scary movie on the Chiller channel, and I had to have Sean follow me around everywhere after that. Because I’m an adult.

Sunday we headed to Cades Cove to get our hike on. We journeyed to Abrams Falls which was loaded with people swimming and eating. It was a cluster, so we headed back and spent most of the time in Cades Cove traffic. Hoorah!

From there, I went to visit my mom, and then we headed out to Boomsday. It was cloudy and rainy all afternoon, and it didn’t hold off. We ended up getting caught in a downpour, but fortunately, we were sitting in the car.

We headed out early on Monday so we’d have time to do one million loads of laundry, clean up the apartment, and go grocery shopping before today. Le sigh. I know this week will be a short one, but I can’t say I wouldn’t rather be spending it at home.

Oh well, time to cheer up and buck up! It’s Wednesday, and I can get through it.

Positive Thoughts


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