Ready for Fall


I’m not the biggest football fan. I don’t have a particular team that’s “mine,” but I still like the sport and what it means. It means it’s fall! Fall and winter are my favorite months. Back to school, warm clothes, hearty meals, cooler weather–it’s all my favorite. I know some people are real summer babies, but I live for this season.

 Thanksgiving 2011

My Thanksgiving Run 2011

I’m ready to decorate for fall (not that there’s much you can do in an apartment). I’m ready to dress for fall. I’m ready to eat fall-y things. I’m ready for cool weather for awesome running. I’m ready for costumes and candy. I’m ready for family and leaves. I’m ready for brilliant orange, gold, and crimson trees. I’m ready for fall air.

October Run

October 2011 Half Marathon

What’s your favorite season and why?


6 thoughts on “Ready for Fall

  1. Fall is my favorite, with winter being a close second. I think it is the fact that I can now justify being curled up on the couch with a blanket and cup of tea, reading.

  2. You and Ben are right on track (it appears you are literally on track running a half marathon) on Fall being the best time of year.

    Here at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains thunder is rolling through the valley, wind is knocking down the first leaves of the season, and we just received the first downpour since Spring. We will soon be taking the girls to Apple Hill to pick their own fruit and take in the wondrous change of season. Most of all, we love all things Halloween (that is, all things without the gore). Anyway, thanks for keeping me in that Fall state of mind!

  3. I’m a fall guy. I like the smells of leaves and wood fires. I like breathing in the cool air and it filtering down into my lungs, cooling everything along the way. I like seeing my breath while I’m outside. I love cool mornings and sunny afternoons. I like the temporary respite from so much sunlight (which, by the way, why was a person able to change the date of daylight savings time?). Because I do love fall so much, it makes me sad that we have less and less of it every year. I mean, I want 2 SOLID months of this weather not 3 passing weeks where you’re still trying to decide if it’s actually starting fall or if it’s getting to be wintery-cold. Gimme fall y’all!

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