Boxing is the Best


Yesterday was rough for me. I spent all day on the phone, and I felt like I got nothing done. There was one conversation in which I was on the phone for 50 minutes and said a total of 10 words. I don’t know why it was so draining, but I felt like crying when I got off.

I have many odd compulsions, but wasting time is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate sitting in traffic when it means I could be doing something else. I hate it when people schedule meetings and then show up late. I hate it when I make plans and then they’re disrupted by something unexpected. It’s really all about these schedules I create for myself in my head not getting messed up.

I know it’s juvenile. I know it’s ridiculous. I know life never goes as planned.

But it still irks me to no end.

What a grump

Yesterday took everything in me not to cry when my phone rang or when my coworkers asked how I was hanging in there. I don’t know what my deal was (at least I know it wasn’t PMS).

My body’s been tied this week, but I needed boxing class last night like no one’s business. It felt so relieving to just be me and the bag–jab, cross, hook, uppercut–getting out all my frustrations of the day–back fist, push kick, roundhouse–and pushing myself to the physical brink to make me stronger in body and mind–planks, dips, pushups.

The further we push our bodies, the stronger we get physically. We should consider the same perspective for when we are pushed mentally. The more we step outside our comfort zones and spend days fighting tears and outbursts of frustration, the more we can handle, the more patient we become, the more understanding we soak up.


Today, I’m going to focus on patience. The world doesn’t operate on my time, and other people have important matters that need my attention as much as anything else.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson



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