As someone who loves to read and write, it makes me really sad that magazine readership is going down. I mean, think of all those writers, photographers, and designers who will be out there freelancing when they should be telling us stories and capturing our imagination and having us marvel at their images.

So, I tend to try to be a one-woman revolution in turning the magazine industry around. I subscribe to a lot of magazines. The print kinds, not the iPad kinds. I know what you’re thinking, “What an earth killer!” I’m sorry. but there’s something about turning a page that really draws me in, ripping pages out to save for later, folding up recipes and putting them in my kitchen. I just like paper. Don’t worry, I still recycle my magazines. So at least I try to be earth-friendly in my magazine consumption.

Also, it’s like a gift every time I get one in the mail! What!? Mail for me? And it isn’t a bill! Hooray! I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into the magazines to which I subscribe.

National Geographic

Goes on the shelf! Keep forever!


I love the writing, photography, fun facts, and pretty much everything in the National Geographic. You can read pretty much the whole magazine online, but I love having a shelf full of yellow NatGeo bindings sticking out. The few times we have guests over, they gravitate toward them checking out the feature stories and roaming through the pages of information about our world.

Some of my favorite stories recently have been about new theories regarding the moving of the giant heads at Easter Island, the weird and drastic weather changes across the world (moving images), and the Lakota living in the Midwest and how their past affects their present.

So many new things to learn about things in my world!

Reader’s Digest

Goes on the shelf. Keep forever!


I have been a faithful Reader’s Digest fan my whole life. Though I’ll admit, when I was younger I only read the jokes. Nowadays, I still enjoy the jokes, but I love the little feature stories, the information about recent studies, the “Secrets Your (fill in the blank) Won’t Tell You.” It’s a fun and quick read, and I really like having it around he house.

I keep the most recent issue on my nightstand to read a few things before bed at night. And on the cover it says it tells you about the best and latest in, “Health, Food, Family, Home, Books, Heroes, and Jokes.” I just love that it’s a little compendium of wisdom all in one tiny magazine!

Vegetarian Times

Recycle after reading. Keep recipes I like.


This has been a lifesaver in our switch to vegetarianism. When I first converted over a year ago, Sean and I got stuck in many recipe ruts. Sean was getting tired of the same old dinners over and over again because I didn’t know what else I could make. How about another salad for lunch? Along with the blogs of other vegans and vegetarians, this has been one of our main sources of new recipes and also information about how to be a vegetarian.

The images are beautiful too. I just love food magazines because they always help you get in the mood for a season as well. We just got the most recent issue which features a few pages dedicated solely to pumpkin recipes. Fall, here I come!

Women’s Health

Recycle after reading.

Women's Health Magazine


This is probably one of my least favorite magazines I have. I didn’t renew for the upcoming year. At first I thought it would be more health and fitness oriented, but it’s actually more like a Cosmo with a few workouts thrown in. While it does offer information on the most recent health studies and a few recipes, I find that it ends up making me feel bad about myself instead of inspired to try new workouts or meals.

There seem to be more pictures of mostly naked and unrealistically thin women then of real women doing real workouts. I think I’ll take my subscription money for this magazine and do a little more research to find a health and fitness magazine that isn’t really a Victoria’s Secret catalog with a tricksy name.

What magazines do you read? Do you keep them or recycle them after reading?

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