Sunday Quiet Time


Many people scoff in either pity or astonishment when I tell them that I go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 5am on the weekends, just as I would on any weekday. It’s partly because my body just tells me, “Hey! It’s normal get-up time.” And partly because the cats tell me, “Hey! It’s normal breakfast time!”

Zombie Pudge

Feed me or I’ll chomp you!

I usually try to let Sean sleep until 6 or 6:30, which means I get to spend at least an hour to myself browsing the internet, reading, or writing. This is when I come up with ideas for blogs, read up on the latest news, catch up with what my friends are up to, etc. Sometimes I get ready for weekend long runs with a quick mini-breakfast. Sometimes I light candles and spend time nuzzling on my cats.

I make myself the 1/2 cup of iced coffee I’ve found doesn’t eat up my insides and make me dizzy, and enjoy some time to just me in the semi-dark. People always talk about how hard mornings are, but I really do love just hanging out on the couch with my cats around me just enjoying the time.

Try getting up 30 minutes earlier to just spend time with you enjoying a cup of whatever it is you like in the morning, reading and inspiring yourself, listening to music that encourages you to have a positive day (for me it’s my Vince Guaraldi holiday station on Pandora… I know, I know).

Cats destroy Christmas tree

Destroy Christmas!

Make a conscious effort to start your morning off on the right foot. Happy Monday!

Positive Quote


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