Decorating Spree


Sean and I recently (like a few months ago) signed on for another year at our apartment. And I’ve been hesitant to actually do things here because I spent the last 4 years in dorms that never really gave you the chance to put real pictures on the walls or paint or anything like that. So, I assumed living in an apartment would be the same.

I need a Bob Dylan poster...

I miss you, Bob Dylan!

However, since we’ve marked over 2 years in Atlanta, and since I work with 4 graphic designers and a web designer, I feel the need to express my creative side at home. Pinterest helps too. While I know there’s no way on God’ green earth Sean will let me paint the walls (though I’ve seen other people in the complex have painted walls–but they’re orange, ew), he has let me put up pictures with those 3M velcro picture holders. So far we have two paintings hung–both are of cats. I know, I know.

Kitty painting

Because I’m an adult…

I’m really interested in trying to decorate and organize our apartment on a budget without it looking like I’m on a budget. Also, I can’t sew… even with a machine. But I can hot glue like a boss…

Any suggestions on how to decorate on a budget? Stores? Sites? Pinterest projects that actually work?


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