Wonderful Wednesday List


1. Thanks for all the tips on decorating yesterday. I feel like I can decorate now without worrying about spending a billion dollars. Although, I’m not sure Sean would care for all the DIY suggestions! He’d probably prefer my friend Jeff’s suggestion of Overstock.com.

Decorate all the things

2. Sean and I are going to see Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! tomorrow night at the Fox Theater! I’m so excited. I don’t know who the panelists will be, but I know that Paula Poundstone has a show in some northeastern state so she won’t be there. Sad face. Maybe Mo Rocca will or Tom Bodet or Roy Blount, Jr.! I’ll make sure to fill you guys in on all the deets Friday morning!

Sean&LynRandom together picture.

3. Pudge is snuggled up to my feet right now. I’m sitting on the bed writing in the dark and spying on people as they pass the bedroom window. Pudge decided he’d come be a snuggle buddy. The point of #3? Cats are the best. I also love the ways they tuck their little feeties in when they lie down. Sometimes all stretched out, sometimes folded over each other, sometimes with a little pink paw pad sticking out. My cats are my kids.

Cat snuggles

This is how Pudgeman spends weekend mornings.

4. I’m seriously considering signing up for a half iron man in April. Swim 1.3 miles. Bike around 57 miles. Run 13.1. Do you think I can do it? Sean says he’s fine with it as long as I pay for it… Classic Sean.

Iron Girl

I am Iron Man!

5. I hope your Wednesday is wonderful. I hope it’s filled with jokes and laughing, camaraderie and Christmas music. Ok, not that last one for those of you who aren’t ready yet. But I wish you a Wednesday filled with smiles and sunshine and happiness. If it’s not turning out that way for you, make a conscious effort to turn it around! Kill ’em with kindness. My mantra recently: Inhale patience. Exhale kindness.

Bring Your Own Sunshine!

Also, for funsies:

Steal My Sunshine Len



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