Wonderful Weekend


This weekend was super mega nice. The weather was beautiful which meant soccer and walks and naps in the sunshine. I’m a little sad it’s over just because I want to spend some time outside again this week. Oh, well. At least my office has a window.

Saturday started off with a lazy morning and then two awesomesauce soccer games. I scored 3 goals and had a few assists (ok, I didn’t really keep count–maybe 2 or 3). We won both games (two different teams). The weather was perfect, but I know I sweated off my sunscreen about halfway through the first game because my face looks a little lobstery today. Sean and I had another soccer game Sunday–scored two more goals–but we tied the other team.

Thumbs Up

Man, soccer makes me happy. I got picked up in another league on Thursdays. Super excited to add more soccer to my life. Addicted?

I also spent a lot of time on Pinterest this weekend looking up vegetarian recipes and home decorating ideas. I’m still not allowed to paint anything or hang anything on the walls, but I can dream for my “one-day home.” Trends I’m liking–grey bedrooms, chevron rugs, LOTSA windows! And cats. Tonza cats. πŸ™‚

Big Tesla in a Little Box

Today I’m trying to focus on being healthy through and through. I want to be healthy in the way I treat other people and the way I treat myself. Today I’ll give love freely, work on being patient, smile, express gratitude, recognize someone’s hard work, and kiss the people (and pets) I love one extra time. I’ll eat healthily, exercise my body and my brain, focus on the positive, and tell myself I’m awesome at least once! πŸ˜‰

Happy Monday!

Remember, when people getcha down:

Be Kind


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