Wednesday List


1. Thanks for all the support regarding my half Iron Man. Around noon yesterday, it really hit me that I signed up for it. I thought, “What have I done?” But that’s one reason I try to sign up for these races when I’m feeling like I can do anything, because then I’d never sign up for one. Now, I don’t want to back out and lose $180, and the time and other money it’ll cost to prep. I’ve even found a training plan. So, here we go!

I am Iron Girl!

Iron Girl to Half Iron Man. Big Jump!

2. I’ve found a way to placate my naughty cats first thing in the morning. Besides being the neediest cats you’ve ever met, they are always getting into things first thing in the AM. I recently discovered that if you give them an ice cube. They’ll be entertained for at least 30 minutes, which means I’ll have time to eat my breakfast without fielding leaping cats and dodging little wet noses prying into my eggs. They’re persistent, but even more so when you give them an ice cube. And, even though Sean hates it and tells me I’m wasting water, sometimes I leave the tiniest stream of water running in the bathroom. They love it.

Kitties in the sink

3. Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? I mean, it seems like last night was Sunday night, and I was dreading the week. Now we’re almost halfway through, and I’m sure the next 3 days will fly by and, poof!, it’ll be Friday

4. I hope your Wednesday is wonderful! If you’re feeling down today, remember all the things you have to be thankful for!

Be thankful


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