Monday Already?


I’m having a hard time this Monday morning. It’s just too early, and I can’t believe the weekend flew by so quickly. Maybe it’s because we did so many fun things and actually spent time relaxing this weekend. I only played two soccer games this weekend, scored zero points. That was a little disappointing. I just couldn’t connect with the ball or the passes. Suckfest.

Cats are not impressed

These cats are not impressed…

I also babysat, which was a nice bit of extra cash that will go toward paying bills. Adulthood stinks sometimes. But the best part of the weekend was that I was able (and made myself) take time to relax. I didn’t go running first thing Saturday or Sunday morning. Sean and I leisurely woke up, made our way to the grocery store before my Saturday game, and then just existed the rest of the weekend. Making soups, watching football (we never actually just sit down and watch a game–and we watched 2 this weekend!), snuggling with the kitties, and all that weekendy jazz.

Sleepy kitty

Look at that sleepy Tesla!

I also spent the weekend trying to ice my ankle after some serious slide tackling last week and more rough play this week. I didn’t run the mileage I was supposed to (unless you count 2 soccer games… shrug). But my ankle is looking gross (it’s doesn’t hurt as much as just look bad, but I don’t want to push it until it really hurts).

Nasty ankleYummy!

I hope your Monday is joyful. It’s October. That means we can officially start doing fall-y things like decorating our porches with pumpkin lights and Jack-o-Lanterns and corn and scarecrows and hoorah! It’s a rainy Monday here it Atlanta, so I thought this was appropriate inspiration!



3 thoughts on “Monday Already?

  1. Your ankles bring back so many memories! Glad to hear they don’t hurt as bad as they look. And yay for you two taking some time to just chill the weekend. If anything, I know the kitties enjoyed it.

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