What Day is It?


For some reason I can’t get the day right. This week is flying by and will continue to do so since I have a volunteer meeting from 11:30-1:30 today and then a meeting with an advisor’s assistant to explain social media. I feel like a real adult with all the calls and meetings I have during the day. Although my passion is writing, and I’d rather be holed up in a room with a window chugging out pages, saying, “I’ve got so many calls today,” makes me feel slightly important.


Oh yes, look how much of an adult I am…

Anyhoo… tomorrow I have a series of doctor appointments. I tried to schedule them all in one day so I wouldn’t have to take a bunch of time off later. The one I’m most excited about–the dentist!–not. I always get really sweaty at the dentist. My history with the dentist is a little traumatizing. I had a root canal when I was 4. I didn’t really start caring about my teeth (like brushing seriously and flossing daily) until I had 4 cavities in middle school and then got braces in high school. I didn’t want to be one of those kids with all silver teeth and dentures at 50. So the dentist makes me a tad nervous… and really sweaty.


Oh hey guys. Just got back from the dentist.

However, my appointments start mid-morning, which means I get a chance to go to one of my favorite classes with one of my favorite instructors–Turbo Kick! I haven’t been to this particular class with this particular instructor in such a long time, and I’m really looking forward to having my butt handed to me. I really, really, really miss Turbo Kick. The way my schedule works now, between soccer and work, I only get to go to one class a week. I can totally notice a difference. I feel a lot less fit overall and my cardio endurance has suffered a lot since I’ve not been able to do a but-kicking Turbo class in so long. I’m almost afraid to go embarrass myself in front of all my old Thursday Turbo friends tomorrow. :/

I hope your Wednesday is wonderful. I found this video online yesterday and thought it was mega awesome. Check it out!

“The cruel words of one are nothing compared to the shouts of many.”


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