Yesterday’s fun at the doctor wasn’t so bad. It’s never fun being prodded and poked at with pointy things (stupid finger prick hurts the worst!), but I’m glad it’s over. My dentist visit was A LOT less sweaty than I anticipated. The hygienist didn’t rush through the exam and cleaning. I wasn’t bleeding through my teeth by the end. Not that has actually ever happened to me at the dentist, but that’s just what I imagine happening…

Ice packed mouth

Ice Pack Face

There was a 7-year-old boy at the dentist too. He had a cavity and they spent the majority of my visit (probably an hour or so) convincing him to get the Novocaine shot. The poor kid was screaming and crying. But it wasn’t like he was a holy terror. He was just plain terrified.

I was struck by the honesty of children yesterday at the dentist. The hygienists kept trying to calm him down with laughing gas, but I think the disorientation just threw him off some more. He kept yelling, “Please let me see my mommy.” And, “I’m so scared. I’m so, so scared.” He flat out told them, “I don’t want a shot. I’m scared of the shot.”

It was brutal to listen to 1. because I felt his terror from down the hall. It was palpable. And 2. because of his brutal honesty. When you’re a kid that young you have no sense of what’s cool or what society deems appropriate or not. He just knew that he was scared out of his mind, and he didn’t have a problem telling anyone that he was.

Big eyed kitty

Unrelated photo. 🙂

Why can’t we be that honest with ourselves and those we love? So many times, I’ve been in situations where I’m scared or mad or indescribably sad, and instead of telling someone, “I’m scared. I’m so so scared.” I lash out for what seems like no reason. Society tells us emotions are wrong. Heck, do you see all the headlines? “Such and So Breaks Down” “What’s Her Face Loses It

Being a human and having emotions doesn’t mean you’re broken or you’ve lost anything. It means you’re a human. Last time I checked, aliens and robots always lose in the movies. There’s an honesty and innocence in the 7-year-old at the dentist who has no shame in yelling down the hallway for all within earshot to hear, “I’m scared. I’m so, so scared.”

It’s Friday. The weekend it approaching. Today I’m encouraging you to be honest with yourself and with the people who are important to you. Don’t be ashamed to admit when you’re scared. When you’re not ready for something. When your feelings are hurt. And be understanding to others who are practicing the same honesty.

One thought on “Finally!

  1. As a parent my stomach totally clenched when I read how he cried for his mom and said over and over that he was scared. I truly hope they went and got his mother.

    It reminded me of a frantic call I received from the doctor’s office while I was at work telling me to get there right away. My son had been sick for a few weeks and missed the first two weeks of school because of it. I want to say he was seven or eight years old. The doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So on that day, P had a doctor’s appointment and my dad was taking him up. When I went running up the front stairs of the building I could hear this blood curdling scream. It was my son. They were trying to draw blood in order for more testing to be done and 5 people were trying to hold him down. My heart just broke at how terrified he had to have been, being held down with people all yelling around him. I just got right in his face and stroked his cheek and talked softly to soothe him. He didn’t stop crying, but he did stop fighting long enough for them to draw the blood. They never figured out what was wrong with him and he eventually returned to school. But I will never forget those blood curdling screams.

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