Happy Monday!


I’m happy today because I’m wearing tights! Hoorah! The high in Atlanta today is 60 degrees! It’s not going to last long (it’ll be 80 again by the weekend), so I’m living it up and wearing some tights! Wow. Is that really “living it up?” I guess so.

This weekend flew by. I had 2 soccer games on Saturday and a half marathon and a soccer game on Sunday. I’m surprisingly not as sore as I should be today. Sean and I ran the Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 Half in Atlanta. I almost hit my goal of running the half at 2 hours. I crossed the finish line at 2:06, but my chip time was 2:02. Makes me feel a little lame. If I had pushed harder for 2 minutes, I could have met my goal. I’m not being too hard on myself, though. I knocked about 15 minutes off my time from last year and kept about a 9:15 mile the whole time.

From last year's race

From last year’s half!

I was aiming for a negative split, but I don’t think I accomplished it. My GPS tracker on my phone had an error when it tried to save (maybe all the sweat?), so I didn’t get my split info. Poo. According to the results page, my first half was at 58ish minutes, though. So, no negative split. Oh well. I did it! Though I can’t say it made me more confident about the full coming up on October 28th! Yeeps!

I hope you’re weekend was full of good things, relaxation, and maybe even some fun. 🙂

Make today a positive start to your week. Enjoy the weather (whatever it may be), get outside even if it’s just for a little bit, and hug someone who means a lot to you.

Do what you want!


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