Transitioning to Vegetarianism

This process is different for each person. If you’ve been eating meat all your life, it can be difficult for many reasons: you don’t know how to find vegetarian proteins, you don’t know any vegetarian recipes (chances are you know a few and you just don’t know it), your family could be against it or not understand it, etc. It’s important to do what’s right for you.

Before transitioning cold “turkey” to vegetarianism (pun intended!), I’d try flexitarianism. This is where you cut down your meat and animal product consumption slowly, finding plan replacements as weeks go on. Check out the resources blog I wrote for links to blogs with tons of great recipes.

Here are six tips (stolen from PETA [hey, just because they’re a little extreme sometimes doesn’t mean they don’t have good information])

1. Make vegetarian versions of your favorite meals. (Carolyn Note: Like black bean burritos or veggie burgers)
2. Explore thousands of delicious vegetarian recipes. (CN: There are really A LOT out there. It doesn’t seem like it at first, but try a vegetarian cook book to help you out. I recommend Peas and Thank You.)

peas and thank you
3. Try some tasty faux meats and dairy alternatives. (We still eat dairy [though not milk], but we do enjoy
4. Sample vegetarian microwaveable meals and convenience foods. (CN: Trader Joe’s has some great brands, Amy’s is also a good one to try.)
5. Search online for the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in your area. (CN: Yelp can help with this!)
6. Explore the amazing variety of meat-free ethnic foods. (CN: We’re still working on this one! Baby steps!)

PETA also has a list of recipes for you to try working into your diet. Remember, each person’s transition is different. My approach may not work for you, and that’s ok. Everyone’s journey toward vegetarianism is different. Embrace it. Don’t judge. And enjoy all the new things you’re trying!

Stay tuned for a post on the health benefits of vegetarianism coming later today!


Note: I’m not a Registered Dietitian (RD). For specific medical counseling, please contact a Registered Dietitian or your doctor. My blog posts are based on my own personal knowledge, experience, and opinions.


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