A Thursday List

1. Thanks for all your kind words about yesterday’s post. Sometimes it’s easier to just get it out there than to keep contemplating it on your own, you know?

2. Tonight I make my Lego costume for my race on Saturday. Ever since we’ve been in Atlanta, we’ve run the Oakland Cemetery Run Like Hell 5K. The first year we ran it just to run it. Last year I was a refrigerator and won funniest costume. This year, it’s Lego time:

lego costume


3. I’m only about a week and a half out from my marathon, and I am completely underprepared. Training has taken a back seat to work and soccer, and I’ve never really even run close to 26.2 miles. Here’s to hoping everything turns out ok!

4. I just read an article about a man who ran a sub-3:00 marathon in flip flops. Any complaint I have is invalid.

5. I’m partially worried about my marathon on October 28th because it means I have no excuse not to start training for my Half Iron Man afterward. Help me!

6. I also just saw this hot air balloon costume. Maybe Sean will help me make that this year instead?

cardboard box costume


7. I hope your Thursday is the best! Don’t worry about the things you can’t change now. Instead focus on living your life the best you can!

Live and Let Live


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