Getting Back on Track

Have I written a blog with this title before? It sure feels like it. (That’s because I did at approximately the same time last year… hmm.) It seems this time of year just burns me out. Maybe it’s because things always seem too busy in October. Work is busy. Races are at a peak. The holiday season is just beginning (yes, Halloween is part of the holiday season!), and we’re at the beginning of the fall/winter rush.

October was halfway over before I got my Halloween lights up (yes, I have Halloween lights. They’re little Jack-o-lantern Christmas lights. Haters gonna hate). I’m up making my costume the night before the Run Like Hell (this happened last year too). We haven’t even thought about carving pumpkins (and roasting the seeeeeeeds!). Whew. Where has the time gone?

Carving Pumpkins

Last year’s pumpkin casualty

Fridays are yoga nights for me. I started going again when I began training for my marathon (10 days!). It was a good cross-training activity, helped me stretch out and loosen up before my Saturday long runs, and also helped me come back down to earth after long weeks. I’ve been reading the blog Peanut Butter Runner for a while now, and the way she talks about yoga reminds me of the way some people talk about church.

I have church issues (which is another discussion for another time), but I really want to feel that connection when I go to yoga. I know I will probably have to start going more than once a week (once I find the time) and that I’ll have to go somewhere other than the YMCA (but maybe not, it’s good for a beginner). Right now, my body feels cumbersome and inflexible and unwilling. Poses make me realize how “in-shape” I used to be and how my body has changed as my life has changed.

Yoga on the beach


I know yoga encourages a mind-body-spirit connection. And it seems like mine is missing the spirit part, and my mind is getting a little critical.

Today I’m going to try to focus on my mantra–Inhale patience. Exhale kindness.–all through the day and into my yoga class tonight. I’m going to work on being patient with and kind to others. But most importantly, I’m going to focus on being patient with and kind to myself.

My whole house is great. I can do anything good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


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