The Weekend Update

This weekend was great. The weather was beautiful. The leaves are beginning to change. And fall is definitely in the air!

Sean and I ran the Run Like Hell 5K at the Oakland Cemetery for the third year in a row. I made a Wall-E costume and won best costume! That’s two awards, two years in a row. Now I feel obligated to continue my winning streak. I’m already thinking of good costumes for next year.

Wall E Costume

While we ran, we saw a bunch of other funny costumes including binders full of women (hardy har har), 47% victims, Prince William and Duchess Kate, the replacement refs, a little girl in a (cardboard) bathtub, and centaurs. Yes, some guys built horse-butts and ran the race with four legs (the back two were on training wheels, clever!)

For anyone interested, here’s the tutorial I used to make my costume. Even if you don’t want to make the costume, just watch the video because the girl’s accent is awesome. I’ve decided to start using the term “bits” instead of parts because of her. Yes, I’ve actually spent time thinking about this…

We did the regular stuff like went grocery shopping, and Sean graciously cleaned the apartment while I played soccer on Saturday afternoon. We also tried a new pizza place with our friends Deb and Lee.

We spent Saturday night enjoying the interesting atmosphere of Antico pizza in downtown Atlanta. A bustling hubbub of people in every stage of life, we saw college groups, families, and even a few old couples who came down to enjoy the amazing pizza. It’s communal seating, so you sit wherever there’s a spot. Deb and Lee were scrunched up next to some nice college-age kids, and Sean sat at the end of the table in a walkway. It took about 4 minutes for our pizza to come out, and it was pretty darn tasty.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, and want to experience the “culture” of Italy in the city. I suggest Antico. Yum. Another cool thing, prices are listed in both Euros and American dollars, and the website has a .it (Italy) domain.

Sunday we made chili and cornbread, played a game of soccer (beating the unbeatable team!), and watched Thor. Chris Hemsworth is SUPER muscles in that movie. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Thor Muscles

I hope that’s a good way to start your Monday! My marathon’s in less than 6 days. Gulp…

Kick Monday's Butt


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