It’s November

Sorry I missed you yesterday! I hope your Halloween was fantastic. I sat down to write Wednesday morning, and, alas, there was no internet. I probably still could have written something, but I went to work instead. Le sigh.

Anyway, can you believe it’s already November? It’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving meal plans, Christmas travel plans, and New Year’s resolutions! Yes, start planning them now.

Christmas Pudge

Santa Pudge!

I’ve been chilling out most of the week after the marathon. My hamstrings are still inexplicably tight. I’m hoping Friday yoga will fix that. I rested on Monday, played soccer on Tuesday, and went to a Halloween boxing class last night. My efforts on Tuesday and Wednesday were more than lackluster. I don’t know if I’m getting out of shape or I’m just still tired from my marathon. But last night’s boxing class was pathetic for me. I was tired by the warm up. Whew.

Tonight I’m going running with a new running partner I found through Facebook and my volunteer committee. We’re doing our first run tonight. She’s just now getting back into running after illness and injury, so it should be a good recovery run for both of us! I’m excited to have something to do on Thursdays (other than pig out on my couch all night). It’s getting to be cold weather running time. Running in the cold always starts out hard, but ends up alright.

Cold weather running

My go-to cold weather running gear.

I hope your Thursday gives you something to look forward to!


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