Weekend Plans

Happy Friday! Getting out of bed this morning was so hard, mostly because Sean still won’t turn the heat on to a reasonable level. He turned it on to appease my whining, but it’s set so low that we might as well turn it off. I can’t wait to live in my own house one day so I can insulate all the windows and all that jazz. Then turning on the heat will be worth it because it won’t all slip out the cracks around the windows and doors.

Anyway, I’m super excited about this weekend! 1. Because it’s the weekend, and 2. Because there’s just enough going on and just enough time to relax. I’ve been waiting ALL week to go to Friday night yoga. I need to stretch like no one’s business. I wasn’t sore for too long after the marathon, but my hamstrings are so flipping tight. I’m sure sitting on my rear all day at work doesn’t help. So, yoga will be a welcome respite to the metal hamstrings it seems like I’ve grown.


Mitten says, “Gah. Just sleep it off like I do!”

This is my first non-marathon-training weekend since… I can’t remember. I’m going to play 2 games of soccer on Saturday, hang out with friends Saturday night, run Sunday morning for funsies instead of training, and go to Cirque du Soleil on Sunday night. Then I’ll start training for my half Iron Man next week. Whew!

I can’t wait to spend time with Sean and the cats and my bed. Sleeeeeeeep!

Have a great Friday! What are your weekend plans? Are you making time to relax and have fun?


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