Cirque du Soleil in Atlanta

Man, I just love weekends. Though I’m still having trouble adjusting to the time change, I still categorize this weekend as successful. Saturday was my last weekend soccer game of the season. It ended with a bang when the ref called the game early because of a fight. We lost 0-1, but at least it was exciting. I had to play defense the whole game. That was less exciting, but I prevented one of their main scorers from getting a shot in. I also managed to avoid the nasty girl from last season’s playoffs who spent the whole game taunting me. She did trip me once, but I kept my cool. Go me!

Thumbs Up!

The other highlight of the weekend was our trip to Cirque du Soleil’s Totem in Atlanta down in Atlantic Station. Firstly, I’ve never really been in Atlantic Station in the daylight (my marathon started there, but it was pretty dark and I was lost the whole time). It’s a pretty cool little mini-city shopping area within Atlanta. I hope Sean and I go back for Christmas shopping!

But back to the main point, Cirque du Soleil was AWESOME. I’ve only been to 1 real circus, and I decided never to go back once I found out how circus animals were treated. Cirque du Soleil is all humans performing amazing feats: balancing on 10-foot unicycles while catching bowls on heads, flying through the air with a one-handed grip on a ring, 2 people roller skating in circles attached by the neck on a 5-foot diameter drum. Whew. Their was so much muscle at the circus. That’s what I noticed the whole time–all the amazing feats the human body could achieve physically and mentally.

There is years of training that go into the flips and hand stands and balancing and spinning and dangling. But there’s the trust that your partners are strong enough to do what they’re doing and know when to stop and when to grab and when to hold on.

It was an awesome show. The music was amazing, too!

I hope your Monday is great! It’s getting chilly here in Atlanta, finally! The high for today is 64*F! Maybe we’ll get some magical snow this year. A girl can dream!

Haters Gonna Hate Cat


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