Election Day and Slim Kicker

Happy Election Day! I’m so excited to watch the coverage tonight. Please, please, please, please do your civic duty and vote. Regardless of whether or not you like either presidential candidate, local politicians are still counting on your vote to get them to local offices. They’re on the ballot, too, you know!

Hooray! Let freedom ring!


A representative from SlimKicker.com contacted me recently and asked me to review their free website and an upcoming fitness tracking product. I know some people aren’t into tracking what they eat and counting calories, etc. That’s fine, and it’s not really my gig either. I’m more about trying to eat clean and animal-product free while avoiding processed foods (as much as possible).


However, keeping track of what you eat (whether it’s for the sake of counting calories or counting servings of veggies) can be a great way to start yourself on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. Slim Kicker is a fun little website that can help you track what you eat and your workouts, but my favorite part are these “Challenges” that other users issue and other people join.


They range from challenges in willpower to emotional and fitness challenges. During my first week, I joined two: 1. Move during commercials, and 2. Avoid snacks after dinner.

I don’t watch a lot of TV (maybe 2 shows a week?), but when I do, I tend to multitask–checking my email and Facebook, reading the news, etc. Getting up and walking around the house, picking up clothes or other things strewn about helped the commercials go by faster, but also kept me from sitting around for a solid 30 minutes.

Snacking after dinner was a harder for me. I’m a snacker and a sugar addict. I feel like I NEED a sweet after every meal. I’ve slowly been taming that after-meal sugar craving with a small scoop of Espresso Chip Frozen Yogurt (from Publix) and then saying, “Ok. The kitchen is closed.”

It’s been helpful to know there are others supporting me. You also get points for every challenge you complete and some even have real rewards (like Amazon gift cards!). My most recent challenge sign-up:

Restore SanityHow to

I’m actually pretty impressed with the depth of this site in promoting both physical, mental, and emotional health. Feel free to join and let me know what you like and don’t like.


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