How to Find a Road Bike

Now that my marathon’s over, it’s time to get started training for my upcoming Half Iron Man (dun dun dun). While it was fine completing my first two sprint triathlons with a mountain bike, there’s no way in hell I’ll make it through 57 miles with that bike.

Triathlon Bike

From the research I’ve done online, getting fitted for a bike is apparently super important. However, I also don’t have a spare $1500 to spend on a fancy new bike at a specialty bike shop.

I’ve found a few entry-level road bikes online for around $900 like the Felt Z95, but don’t know what size to get…

Does anyone have any experience with road bikes? Should I just go to the specialty shop, get measured, and look around? Is that rude if you’re not going to buy anything? Road biking/triathlon advice welcome!


5 thoughts on “How to Find a Road Bike

  1. You should be able to find something in your price range at a local bike shop. When I purchased my road bike, they had bike ranging from 700$ – 5000$. I would go to a local bike shop, get fitted and get an appropriate bike that is going to be comfortable to ride especially over that distance. If once local bike store doesn’t offer cheaper models, try another. I had to.


  2. I’m not an expert bike fitter by any means, but making sure your bike fits is important for your overall comfort on the bike, especially since you are going to be spending 3+ hours on it for a half IM. Most bike shops will charge about 75 to 150 bucks for a bike fitting (which they will comp if you choose to buy your bike there) because properly fitting a bike can be time intensive. That being said, you can find a general size chart for your height online and figure out an approximate frame size that will work for you. Then you can search on Craigslist and find some great deals (I bought my first two bikes this way). Hope this helps!

  3. Personally I don’t think that’s unreasonable. A bike shop is there to offer that service to you… It’s not like measuring you for a bike is a huge labor. Alternatively you could google it and probably do the measurement yourself. If I’m not mistaken it’s essentially height/leg length etc.

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