Thanksgiving Recap

This year was the first time we’ve not traveled up to Tennessee to be with our families for Thanksgiving. Last year was stressful as we got about an hour away and realized I had forgotten to leave the key for the cat sitter. We had to drive all the way back at 4am or whatever time it was. We ended up just stay at the house, going back to bed, and watching the Macy’s Parade before heading back up to Tennessee.

Sleepy Mitten

Mitten would rather be in bed, anyway.

Not having to rush to get out of the house and remember a bunch of things was nice, but I definitely missed my family this year. I got up around 5 Thursday morning (per usual), and just hung out on the couch with the cats, reading the news. Sean got up at about 6:30 and made breakfast–egg and cheese English muffin sandwiches. Yum. I was planning on running, but I woke up starving and knew I wouldn’t make it far if I tried to run on an empty stomach. Then I was too full to run after breakfast. This trend repeated itself throughout the day. Still, it was kind of nice to just relax all day.

Sean and Pudge

Pudge says, “Thanksgiving should be every day.”

We watched the Macy’s Parade and the Purina dog show while perusing the internet and slowly getting ready. I started making Thanksgiving food at around 1. I had leftover Vegan Shepherd’s Pie from a work Thanksgiving on Wednesday. I made a quick green bean casserole with green beans Sean’s parents canned this past summer. Used a cornbread stuffing mix from Trader Joe’s to make a dressing casserole. (Side note: I had never heard the word dressing until we moved to Tennessee. Stuffing is inside the turkey. Dressing is not. Apparently…) I also made some biscuits. Yum. Vegetarian Thanksgiving isn’t the travesty other people make it out to be. 🙂

Cats helping in the kitchen

Hungry hippos helping out in the kitchen.

One thing I noticed is that I didn’t overeat as much as I usually do on Thanksgiving. I think since it was just Sean and I, portion control was a lot easier. Also, there was not a bunch of snacky foods hanging out all day, so I only ate when I had to make the effort to eat.

After a post-dinner nap, Sean and I made these delicious Apple-Pumpkin-Cranberry-Almond mini pies. Oh my, I suggest you try them. Delicious.

Mini Pies


  • can of pumpkin
  • apple butter of choice
  • frozen, rolled up pie dough
  • frozen cranberries
  • sliced almonds
  • 1 egg
  • some water


  • Let your pie crusts thaw according to the direction on the box.
  • Preheat oven to 400*. Unroll pie crusts. Mix egg in small bowl.
  • Mix equal parts pumpkin and apple butter in a small bowl. (You won’t use the whole can of pumpkin or jar of apple butter, so it may be wise to do this a little at a time to not waste any.)
  • Cut out some medium-sized circles from your pie dough. I used a wide-mouthed pint-glass I got from my marathon. Hey, you use what you have!
  • Dallop the pumpkin-apple mixture in the middle of each and top with a few cranberries, and brush on some egg around the edges. Place another pie dough circle on top and seal with a fork, creating a mini-pie. I put some little fork holes in the top too, for cuteness! (You could also do one bigger circle, and fold them in half, turnover style.)
  • I placed them all on a parchment paper covered baking sheet. Then, add a little bit (maybe a few teaspoons) of water to the egg, and brush the tops of each mini pie.
  • Sprinkle on your sliced almonds. And bake for about 12 minutes or until golden brown.

Yummilicious! I made up some homemade whipped cream to accompany it. (1 tsp vanilla, 1 Tbsp confectioner’s sugar, 1 C heavy whipping cream, whipped until stiff peaks–don’t overwhip or it’ll become buttery).



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