The Last Week in November

Can you believe we’re less than a month from Christmas? I’ve said it before, but the holidays really fly by when you’re an adult. When I was in school, Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas seemed like eons away from each other. Now that I’m older, I’m decorating for Christmas right after I was buying candy for Halloween!

I got a Blue Cedar tree from Whole Foods this year instead of breaking out the tiny old fake tree. It’s in a pot and has a root bulb so we can plant it after the holidays! Exciting. The cats are doing ok with it. They’re still pretty curious, but it’s pokey enough to ward them away. We decorated it Saturday, but I’ve yet to take a picture of that.

Oh Christmas Tree!

We did a lot of lazing around this long weekend. I managed to rouse myself for a 3 mile run on Friday while Sean was at work, and a 5-miler yesterday. It took me a while to get in my stride, longer than it usually does. It just shows me that I need to quit taking such long breaks in between running and work back up to some good long runs.

The only true weights that were lifted (other than a weak attempt at exercise on Saturday that ended in ice cream) was silverware to my mouth. It was truly poetic for a long Thanksgiving weekend.

I put the flannel sheets on the bed this weekend. Keeping with my childish manner, I have 2 sets of flannel sheets. Both have snowmen on them… Grey snowman sheets and blue snowman sheets. Very important stuff. I broke out the sweatpants box, and am wearing one of my favorite pairs of flannel jammies that my mom got me last year. I’m surrounded by warm, fuzzy kitties who are trying to stay awake, but cuddling me while they drift into sleepland, dreaming of dancing tuna fishies. I’ve got a warm corn bag on my toes (a cloth bag filled with field corn that my mom makes, pop ’em in the microwave for a few minutes and you’ve got yourself a natural heating pad). Sooooo relaxing.

Mitten Fitten

I wish the weekend would never end! We’re almost to December. Can you believe it? Have a great Monday!


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