Awkward Hair Cuts & PicMonkey

Has anyone ever gotten an awkward hair cut? It seems like we’ve all suffered from bad cuts at sometime. My mom’s a hairdresser, so I’ve taken on her motto, “It’s only hair. It’ll grow back.” My mom’s never given me a bad hair cut, but I’ve heard her say this time and time again to people who come to her to get bad cuts fixed.

Since moving to Atlanta, I’ve learned that I can’t wait until I see my mom to get my hair cut. It’s far too long between cuts and I start looking like a homeless person. I’ve tried this place by our apartment 2 times now. I’ve had a different stylist each time. The first time was fine as was this past time. What I’m experiencing is the fact that I don’t know what to do with my own hair.

Every suggestion I put out, they dutifully follow. The results are usually not awesome. This past time, I asked for a little more than a trim. The result is what I’ve been calling the chubby librarian. It’s just the right length to accentuate the widest part of my face, and it’s long enough to look unkempt when I don’t spend time flat ironing it and then curling it. Hair is a hassle you guys.

Librarian Hair Cut

In other news, I found this awesome picture editing website online called It is so awesome! You can make collages (which is how I made my Facebook cover photo and this blog header)! You can edit photos, add wintery effects and text. It’s like Picnik, but better since Picnik shut down!

I’m going to spend more time on it this weekend, I’m sure!

Have a great Tuesday!

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