The Season of Giving

While money’s always tight, I know there’s always some to spare on people who truly need it. During the holiday season, Sean and I always make sure to carry cash to the malls so we can give to the Salvation Army. Though it’s often just a little, for some people, a little bit makes all the difference. We’re no great givers or anything, but it’s important to us to give to the causes we believe in supporting (like Furkids, the shelter where we got all our furbabies!).

The Pudgeman

I debated on telling you all about this because I didn’t want to seem self-righteous, but I think it’s good news to spread. Last night Sean and I adopted a local child to sponsor through Christmas. The YMCA had a tree with numbered ornaments on it representing families, seniors, and local children who need help this holiday season, and I chose a young boy to help through the season.

Our Christmas child needs shoes for Christmas. Can you imagine any 8-year-old asking for shoes? When I was 8, I was probably asking for books and games and dolls and dress up clothes–not a basic necessity like shoes. I’m really excited to help provide a Christmas for this young boy. I wish I could do it for every child, family, and senior represented on that tree.

Christmas Tree

Have you seen The Polar Express? I’ve always been struck by the nonchalance of the kids just accepting that Santa didn’t come for the one obviously underprivileged boy. I get a little torn up when I watch that movie each year at the child’s surprise when he reads the tag with his name on it and his reluctance to let go of the first present he received from Santa. He’s not the main character, so they obviously can’t focus the whole story on him, but to me, he’s one of the most important children in that movie.

The child’s presents are due unwrapped by December 9th. While I wish I could spend time wrapping them up and making them fun to receive and open, I’m thrilled at the chance to give someone a little hope this holiday season.

This post is about challenging you to take the extra steps to make someone else’s holiday joyous. Take the time to be thankful for what you have and then give to those who may not be as fortunate. I really think there’s no coincidence in Thanksgiving and Christmas being so close together.

First, give thanks, then give.

The Grinch Quote


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