Big News Wednesday

I’ve been waiting to tell you guys until some things settled down, but I’ve finally got some big news for you.

I’ve accepted a job as the Marketing Coordinator for a medical illustration and animation firm.

Things were going well in my job as a copywriter for the FMO I’ve been working for, but my work was beginning to feel stagnant. I felt like I wasn’t contributing much of meaning and that I was writing and editing the same things over and over. It’s VERY important to me that I feel challenged and that I’m contributing to the overall benefit of an organization when I’m a part of it. Maybe it’s the Type A in me?


Gasp! You? Type A? No way!

I’ll miss all the wonderful people I had a chance to get to know and spend time with. The people were truly what made my job something I was excited to wake up for every morning.

I connected to my new job through LinkedIn. If anyone is looking for work, I recommend you get on LinkedIn and complete your profile with key terms that are important to the field you’re interested in pursuing. Ever since I really got into LinkedIn, I’ve had at least 1 email a week saying someone was interested in me for a position at their company. Just do it. There’s a job section, too, where you can search for work in your area. Job posters have to pay almost $300 to post a listing, so you know they’re serious!

Anyway, I’ll start my new position on December 17th (maybe earlier). I’ll make sure to tell you all about it. I’m pretty excited to be able to expand my brain and meet new people. Also, I tend to love health and medical information, so I’ll always be learning!

Wish me luck!


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