MIA Monday

Sorry I was MIA last Friday. Wednesday night through Sunday morning, I was struck with what can only be called the Flu of 2012. I haven’t been that sick since I was in middle school. It was pretty much miserable. I lived on Mucinex, Theraflu, and ibuprofen. I hope your weekend was a lot better than mine. Whew.


Sean was wonderful and really took care of me all weekend from getting me medicine to staying up with me while I was disgustingly sick and listening to all my complaints and whining. That’s true love.

I’m excited about today because I’m meeting some friends from my old job for lunch, and I’m pretty sure I’m ok to work out again. I haven’t really exercised since Tuesday’s Turbokick and then Wednesday’s TRX session at home. I’m planning on taking it slow and feeling it out the first go around because it’s still a little hard to breathe, though the humidifier/air purifier Sean moved to the bedroom has helped, which means we’re both getting more sleep.

Eating is still a little weird for me as nothing really quite settles still. I tried cereal this morning, soup last night, etc. I’m not still sick, it’s just like my stomach’s not used to having anything in it again. But I feel fueled enough to do a beginners sort of workout today before a full hour of Turbokick again tomorrow!

I hope your Monday is wonderful. I wish away any illness from you and your family members because being sick really stinks! Smile today and focus on bringing joy to those around you!

Best Days are Ahead


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