A Day in Dizzyland

I WISH that said Disneyland, but alas. I realized yesterday that I’ve only ever taken Mucinex at night when I took one in the morning. I consumed it at about 8am and still felt pretty exhausted from being sick all week so decided to lie down and read. I ended up falling alseep pretty quickly, and woke up at about 9:30 with extreme dizziness.

I couldn’t pinpoint what it was that was making me so dizzy. I tried eating to see if it was because I’d consumed so little over the past 5 days. Maybe I was still puny from being ill?

I tried to work out to see if that made it go away. I ate again. Took a shower. I had lunch plans with friends, and started getting ready. I sat down at my computer for a few minutes to try to figure out what was going on and why I felt so off. The box of Mucinex was sitting on the table.


So I looked at the back, and saw no mention of dizziness. I looked it up online and it was the first symptom. At this point I was too dizzy to walk, so I canceled  my lunch since there’s no way I could drive.

I called my mom, who recommended that I drink some almond milk (since that’s all the milk I had) and just sit on the couch and watch TV. I watched Hulu all afternoon. That’s a feat for me since I have a hard time sitting down to watch just 1 show all the way through. It felt like yesterday lasted 10 whole minutes. Sean left for work and before I knew it he was suddenly home. It seemed like he’d only walked out to his car and then came back inside.

The weirdest part was that I was dizzy all the way until I went to bed. This morning, I’m exhausted and super groggy. It’s so weird. I think that’s the last time I’ll be taking Mucinex.

I asked some people on Facebook, and they experienced the same thing.

facebook conversation 1

facebook conversation 2

facebook conversation 3

Have you ever experienced freaky side effects from over the counter medicine you’ve taken?


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