First Day at the New Job

I, like all of you, was horrified when I read about the shooting at Sandy Hook. My deepest condolences can never express how sad I am for the families of those affected by this tragedy. I have opinions regarding this incident, and those across the United States that are becoming all too familiar to American families as they sit down to watch the evening news. However, I know that now is not the time to express those opinions. Instead, I’d rather express love and encouragement to all those who read this blog. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be full of love. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Well, today’s the big day! I start my new job this morning at 8am (please don’t come rob my house). I’m a little nervous since I haven’t been to a job in about 2 weeks. After I turned in my notice and my previous job let me go early, I planned on asking to start my new job early. Then, along came the plague, err flu, and that hope was dashed. It’s ok, though. I’ve had a chance to heal and prepare myself mentally and physically for starting at a new place.

Feeling Good

I think in preparing myself, though, I’ve had too much time to let doubt creep in. Maybe they hired the wrong person. What if they don’t like me and I get fired? I’ve never been fired. I’d be jobless right at Christmas. I find myself going over and over the job description they sent me, using it as a checklist: “Yes, I can do that. Yes, I have experience in that. I know how to do that.”

Does this happen to anyone else? I’ve been trying not to let the insecurity seep in while I’ve been home sick, but it’s hard to justify how competent you are when you’re sitting on the couch hacking junk out of your lungs or worse, sitting on the bathroom floor about to worship the porcelain gods.

Today, in light of what’s happening in my (small, insignificant) life and across the country and the world, I wanted to express a little bit of encouragement.

I am enough


Write it on your heart: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I am enough. I do enough. I am smart enough. I am strong enough, good enough, and brave enough. Today I will make a difference, even if it is small. Today I will be kind. Today will be good.

Happy Monday!


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