30 Things – 20 Random Facts

1. I am really bad at budgeting. Sean made me a “no-fun budget,” but I don’t really stay within that. It’s not that I’m bad with money (I think), it’s just that I choose not to pay attention. terrible habit. Hopefully my New Year’s Resolution will change that.

2. We never planned on having 3 cats. I really wanted one when we first moved to Atlanta. A year later, I went to a fundraiser at the place we adopted Mitten Head, and ended up leaving with 2 more cats. Pretty sure we’re breaking a lot of apartment rules.

Tesla, Mitten Head, and Pudgeman

3. I didn’t really start exercising until my senior year in college. I was an RA, but there was a class at 6am on Wednesday mornings. So, even though I was on duty, I’d leave at 5:30 to go workout. It probably saved my sanity, though. (Sorry, Ben Wicker.)

4. I’m really great at making acquaintances. But I am no good at making close friends. I feel like by this age, people already have their “best friends” and they aren’t going to make room for more. It’s really just an excuse not to try, though, I guess.

5. I spend way too much time on email, Facebook, Pinterest, and the internet in general.

6. I’ve already written out my 2013 New Year’s resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions

7. I’m changing a lot this year including what I think I want in life and my opinions on major issues.

8. I apparently brush my teeth way too hard for way too long. My dentist said I have the gums of a 50-year-old they’re so recessed. Hooray!

9. I really wish I were good at decorating or had an eye for interior design, but I absolutely do not. I’m afraid my houses will look like I live in residence halls forever. Maybe that will be part of the charm of visiting me when I’m 40: “It’s like going back to college again!”

10. I really want to have a dog (or 2 or 3) one day. I feel like it’s my mission to save all the animals.


Whew! This one has to be continued. Look out for a Part II later!

What’s a random fact that you haven’t written down in a while?

2 thoughts on “30 Things – 20 Random Facts

    1. For a long while I would slip the duty phone into Nick Moore’s room at 5:30am. He would leave his door unlocked, and I’d just put it on the floor. After some analysis, I realized how weird that was, so I just stopped doing it.

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