30 Things – 20 Random Facts (Part II)

See part 1 here.

11. I’ve lived in 4 different states: Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, Tennessee, Nebraska, Tennessee, and then Georgia.

12. I studied abroad in India during the January Term of my junior year in college.

The Taj Mahal

13. I really want a house so I can flex my (un)decorating muscles and start my dog rescuing habit.

14. I also wish I were a fashionista, but, alas, I’d rather live in jeans and race shirts.

15. I sleep with a teddy bear. I tend to cave in on myself when I sleep at night. My shoulders try really hard to see if they can touch each other in the front. The teddy bear helps space out my body for a more comfortable sleep. It’s also useful for covering my face when the alarm goes off. It’s a polar bear named The Bear. I’m an adult.

The Bear

16. I own 2 real bras. I only wear 1. I have about 9 sports bras of varying usefulness.

17. I’m horribly bad at video games. I try to be good at them, but I just can’t coordinate the whole moving with one analog stick and looking with the other. I like watching video games, though, especially if they have a good story.

18. I drink 64 oz or more of water a day. It’s become a slight addiction. I visit the restroom often.

19. This list is making me realize how boring I am. Yeeps!

20. I play on a bunch of soccer leagues and now a football team. I’m the noobiest person on the football team right now, but I can run and catch, so I don’t think they mind.

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