Thursday Thoughts (on Christmas!)

Can you believe we’re at less than a week till Christmas? It doesn’t feel really Christmas-y where I am since I’m working through the week and there’s no snow. Heck, it’s not even cold here in Georgia! But I’m really excited to go up to Tennessee and visit family. Giving gifts is one of my FAVORITE parts of Christmas, and we’ll truly have a car load this year.

I know we’re supposed to focus on love and togetherness and cherishing one another, but I really like the feeling and joy it brings me (selfish, I know) when I really nail it on someone’s gift.

Christmas Mom and I

We’re going to be spending the next few days getting ready to head up to Tennessee (please don’t rob us) by cleaning up the house, doing laundry, cleaning out the fridge, etc. Dontcha just love all the hubbub surrounding the holidays?

For those wondering, my new job is really going well. I like my “area.” Everyone has been more than nice to me. And, most importantly, I really like the work I’m doing so far. I’ve written press releases, studied up on competitors, drafted website copy, analyzed the email marketing campaigns for 2012 (that was a task!), researched online ad options. I already feel like I’m doing WAY more that I’m good at!

Well, we’re one day closer to the weekend! I hope your Thursday is fantastic.

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