The Resolutions of 2012

It’s that time of year! Bloggers across the nation will be letting you know what they resolutions are for 2013. I mentioned it before, but I’ve already got my list going on. Before I reveal my big goals for the two-oh-one-three, I thought we could go over this year’s goals, and see how I did.


1. Write one page of (non-work, non-blog) something a day. I didn’t do this at all. Yikes. I made a similar resolution for 2013, but this one is a little less specific. Maybe less pressure on myself will help me achieve it?

2. Eat a serving of vegetables at least once a day. You’d think, as a vegetarian, this wouldn’t be too hard, but you’d be surprised at how much bread I can put away. I think I did a pretty good job of this in 2012. I didn’t keep strict track of everything I ate, but I’m generalizing that I did ok.

3. Run a half marathon and be able to do 40 push ups in a row, on my toes. Well, you win some, you lose some. I definitely ran a half marathon, and then a full marathon this year! Boom! However, there’s no way on this green earth that I can do 40 push ups in a row on my toes–full form. Sorry self!

4. Score at least one goal in soccer this year. Knocked this one out of the park this year, too. I didn’t keep track of how many goals I scored. But there were weekends where, among the 4 teams I played on, I scored a total of 6 goals.

Playing Soccer 3

5. Read one new book a month. Another one I didn’t really keep track of this year. In fact, I even cut down on my book review blogging. I did read a lot of good things this year though. I finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. I finished Eating Animals. I read a bunch of health and fitness books. I inhaled Tina Fey’s Bossypants. All in all, I’m happy with my reading intake in 2012.

6. Save for a new car. Done and done. I love Doc Holliday with a fiery passion. Best car ever.

2012 Subaru Impreza Sport

7. Dedicate at least 4 hours a month to an activity that benefits someone else. I sort of did this. I was more involved toward the end of the year than at the beginning, but I’ve managed to get some community service into the mix. Check out my volunteer blog at!

8. Attend at least one yoga class a week. This was a SUPER beneficial resolution. I really looked forward to my Friday night yoga classes. After a while, though, it became harder for the YMCA to find a teacher to fill that gap, and the class was canceled in December. Sad face.

Carolyn and Yoga Mat

9. Visit 2 places in Georgia I’ve never been. Welp, I can’t say I tracked this one, but I did try a lot of new things this year. A lot of new restaurants, festivals, and more. I stepped out of my bubble little by little in 2012.

10. Make more friends and have more meaningful relationships. I think I definitely made this one happen. I have a lot more friends than when I first moved down here (duh), and some I feel like I can really talk to. So, go me!

Jingle Jog 2

How did you do on 2012 resolutions? 

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