2013 New Year’s Resolutions

Hooray! It’s almost 2013. Sean thinks it’s a bad omen to end the year in 13, but it’s gotta happen at least once every century! Why not make the most of it?

I recently posted about how well I did on my 2012 resolutions. Overall, I’d say I stuck with the program (for the most part, anyway). This year, I’m working on many goals–health and fitness, money, and personal. Wanna get started?

Ok, here we go:

1. Run 520 miles. This seems like a lot at first glance. Whoa! 520 miles? But I’m splitting that up over the year, so it’s only 10 miles a week. Not bad at all, actually. I have a hard time running when I’m not training for anything, so having a goal like this will hopefully keep me on track. And I’m hoping to build up for a larger goal in 2014! Maybe 1000 miles!

Cold weather running

2. Write a novel. This past year, I tried to make this goal really specific–writing 4 pages of non-work, non-blog anything a week. Well, I definitely didn’t even do this the first week of 2012. So I’m trying a less specific and more create way of making myself write for me as opposed to writing because I feel obligated.

3. Read a new book every month. This isn’t new. I pretty much make this resolution every year. 12 books a year is pretty much nothing. Remember when we were in college and read 12 books before the semester even started? When did I become so literarily lazy? (Maybe when  decided to start making up words like “literarily…”)

4. Save $2000+ dollars. I really did myself a disservice and drained my bank accounts this Christmas. It’s a horrible disease I have that I really like getting people a lot for the holidays just because I like feeling like I “nailed it” when they open their gifts. I need to plump back up my emergency fund, because I can’t really afford for anything out of line to happen right now, and that’s not a good feeling!

5. Stop biting my nails. This is a pretty disgusting habit that I’ve had since I can remember. Sean says my fingers look like little round alien digits because I’ve been without nails for my whole life. think about all the germs that are going in my mouth when I bite my nails. I do attribute my awesome immune system to this childhood habit, but it’s time for me to grow up and stop this unprofessional little mannerism. Plus, it annoys the bejesus out of Sean.

6. Get a tattoo. I’ve been really non-committal about getting a tattoo, but I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now. I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to the tattoos I like. I’m not going to go all out and get a huge sleeve or something, but I don’t think a little tattoo ever hurt anybody… Figuratively, of course.

Cat Tattoo


7. Buy no new clothes in 2013. This one is a big one. I think clothes are one of my biggest money-sucks of all time. There’s really no need for me to have 5 black skirts. I have 5 pairs of jeans. Why do I keep buying more? I get tons of pairs of socks for Christmas. I have a thousand t-shirts. You get the picture. Exceptions to this resolution include gift cards which are not my money and can therefore be spent on clothes. I haven’t decided if I’ll let myself buy used clothes yet (like from a thrift store or the Goodwill).

8. Eat out only 1 time a month. Sean and I used to be pretty good about NOT eating out, but sometimes life gets busy. We resorted to eating out WAY too much in 2012. What’s especially bad is when you have the groceries to make the dishes you’re choosing to go somewhere else to pay to eat. I want to keep this down to 1 time a month.

What are your 2013 New Year’s resolutions?

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