Gone Girl – A Review

Gone GirlOh my gosh. I haven’t read book this riveting since… the last book I read? I’m not sure. This past weekend, I read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I had read reviews on it before and checked it out a few times at Barnes & Noble, but it was a recommendation from my friend Meghan on Facebook that really tipped me into purchasing it.

The story is told dually from the perspective of the two main characters, Nick and Amy, a husband and wife transplanted from New York to Missouri. The novel tracks the decline of their marriage. It’s a he-said, she-said murder mystery that leave you wondering if each charter is who they say they are.

It was amazing. The narrators (who you think are reliable and then aren’t and then are) made me feel ashamed of myself. Why? I was so gullible to believe them! It was the classic curse of the unreliable narrator, and I just went right along with it. Wonderfully written and planned out, I loved Part I of the book. Part II, I felt, was a little more contrived. When I got to Part III, I was so darn furious with all the characters for their actions and in-actions. Blah!

As is typical with me, I was pretty dissatisfied with the ending. In Gone Girl, I felt like you do when you watch a movie and they set you up for the sequel. You turn the page, and, yes, what you read was actually the last chapter. And you’re left flipping pages saying, “WHAT?! Are you kidding me?!”

Sean was amused and my audible and visible frustration with the book. I hope there’s a sequel in the making, though I don’t know where Gillian Flynn would go with it, other than to make the ending “right” by me.

If you’re looking for a fun, thrilling read that really captures you and makes you do the, “just one more chapter” thing, this book it totally it. I recommend you buy it, borrow it, or download it and get to reading!

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